• Students for Humanity

    Students for Humanity

    Bridging the digital divide, one blog post at a time...
  • Photo a Day

    Photo a Day

    I post a photo each day. Because my memory is so...
  • 2010 Podcast

    2010 Podcast

    Speak out, stand up to your greatness
  • Water


    Water is my meditation I love… swimming, surfing...
  • My heart in Africa

    My heart in Africa

    My African brother(s and sisters) From 2006 –...
  • On Stage

    On Stage

    In life and on stage only barriers exist no impossibilities Theater...
  • Design a smile, it is a choice

    Design a smile, it is a choice

    I am an architect who helps people design their own...
  • Cultural Diversity

    Cultural Diversity

    The beauty in differences

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Dutch Architect, passionate about humanity, technology, design, youth empowerment, cultural diversity, leadership, travel, freedom, fun, water, life! Read more...

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