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Besides designing buildings I love to work with other arts and try to design as much as possible. For example this design I made for my long-board.

The long-board was powered by sickboards, check their site! ( and of course, what about my own website…
I always loved to make handdrawings. I think my passion to create came to existence during highschool, where I did drawing as a part of my final exam. See it yourself.
Furthermore I like photography a lot, but this is certainly something I still have to learn a lot of. In future I think I will take lessons and buy a real good camera.

To protect and surf!!

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We started a few years ago with some friends from Plankenkoorts (students windsurf association) as lifeguards on the beach of Ameland. The first year Rob, Sebas and Gijs went without any knowledge about the beach, first aid or possible dangers.

They already learnt a lot from the more experienced life guards that were present, but since there was so much more to know and the second year we were with 9 people responsible for this beach-post, we decided to follow courses; rescue swimming and reanimation. This wasn’t obligated, but we wanted to take the job professional and serious as there are many people who trust their life to you while you’re working on the beach.

Internship @ Marc Prosman Architects BV

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maart 2002 – juli 2002


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Salsa at the boulevard in Scheveningen during the TROS muziekwereld. Matthijs and I steel the show and are being filmed by TROS. This movie has been on Dutch television (Channel: Nederland 2) I really became enthusiastic by all those people that dance salsa and took my own lessons. I love the music, the rhythm feels good, the parties are fantastic and the people friendly. So the result: I am addicted to SALSA!! try to do my best to be as good as Matt on day..