Posted July 14th, 2007 in South Africa by Frérieke
hi all!
sorry it has been a while that i’ve posted some personal news. The whole Umeebee project keeps me busy! (and i reached my storage limit for my site > but upgraded now!) I will try and make some time every now and then to show you some personal pics and tell some stories on this blog. But don’t forget to keep updated on www.umeebee.com about all the exciting stuff! We’re in the middle of the winter here in Cape Town. It is a lovely winter, lots of sun and great temperatures…rain just every now and then. Great waves, great surfing. Edith, Lin and Henk drove up to Johannesburg this week. They will meet with Ediths parents and travel around for 3 weeks. Lin is soon going to leave us, back to holland. Amazing how time flies. we’re going to miss her!

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