Posted May 14th, 2008 in South Africa by Frérieke
An Underwater World

Wouw! This Dutch Family living in Cape Town is amazing! Check their site out: www.scubafrique.co.za . And how lucky Anasuya and I have been…we received a free diving introduction. No Ocean to deep for us!
Sjon, wife Marijke and kids are all very passionate about what they are doing. They are totally dedicated to make your dive experience, one never to forget. Our first introduction with the underwater world was in their very professional dive centre here in Cape Town. After a video which explained us the basics of diving, a training in a public pool (haha on a very HOT capetonian day, wetsuits, heavy air tanks, while other visitors find some cooling in the water) and then THE REAL THING….the ocean. Cold. Windy. Slippery. Waves. Rocks. But we did it! Shells, fishes, and a whole forest of kelp!

Thinking of diving, in the beautiful underwater world of Cape Town? This is the place to go! www.scubafrique.co.za
For more pictures: check my photostream on flickr, click here
For the Dutch Hyvers: http://satroost.hyves.nl/

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