Festive season: Celebrating family

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By Frerieke van Bree

What a wonderful time to have a post dedicated to family. Thank you Nezi for your inspiring dedication to transformation in your family! (please read her post below..)
Have a wonderful festive season everybody! Whether or not you are with family… Be like family to all the people around you… and show your appreciation..

Here’s to my family: even though this is another Christmas that I am far away from you all …I’m with you everyday! The greatest gift you can give me is your happiness! And I promise you, I am living mine.. Love ya all!

Nezi Busakwe

By Nezi Busakwe

What matters to me????

My family is a matter to me. We are 4children 2girls and 2boys. Since I was young not even a year old my father was working on mines and he is still working there trying to find something for his family to eat, trying to satisfy us and make to be like other families.

He did this for years and pretends to enjoy it. Sometimes at work the boss would say they are many for that particular mine so the must be others leaving the mine. This had happened to my father many times, first time they gave him not working for about 3 months and not paying him. But my parents managed to give us best education. If I look at our situation at home it always remind what I am here. And the answer came to make a difference to my family.

My parents are always making sure that we get education. My older brother is doing his second year at PETEC. Sometimes I ask GOD why did he made us? Did he made us so that we can be an example of suffering people or what? When I see my brother not going to school because of money, I start to ask myself questions. Why I am a student, busy studying but at the end of the day I would not go to university. The last level of education? but the answer just came and said I was born to make a

Sometimes I feel real bad when my father is ill because of the work he did. My heart hurts that I get food and everything because of my father’s life. Not forgetting my mother who is a star to me, my role model, who always live for her children.


Nezi Busakwe's family

 Nezi Busakwe washing her hair

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  1. Rolf Kleef says:

    Hoi Frerieke, Nezi!

    Inspiring story! My mom’s father (I never met him) was a baker who sent his daughter to school against “common sense”, because he knew it would give her more chances for the future. My dad got his first educational title at over 40 years old, and I remember it, as his child. They helped me through university, not so that I make money, but so that I stay true to values.

    It’s a common story to many of my friend too. A lot can change in one or two generations! Hope you both keep up the spirit, and keep going in 2009!

    liefs en beste wensen!

  2. Fre says:

    Hi rolf!

    Thank you for sharing your story!
    My mother is the oldest child in a relatively ‘poor’ Dutch farmers family. There was no money for her to continue the studies she would have loved to do after finishing high school. I remember when we were young, my brave mum (who was raising me and my brother on her own and had a full time job)studied on the side, which allows her now to fulfill a great position within the council of Rotterdam.
    Like you say Rolf, my mum has supported me through University. She is proud of the person I have become, rather then the degree I have received. I thank her for this gift of education, because it has shaped me big time!

    I agree Rolf, a lot can change within 2 generations. Nezi isn’t that great? imagine what you can give to your children in the future, with all the knowledge and love you’ve got!

    have fun deze kerst en oud/nieuw rolf