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 Bongi and Nelson Mandela

” Peace Tiles is a growing network of people using the arts to inspire social change. Peace Tiles are being used to brighten the spotlight on issues, raise funds to support causes, and inspire hope in communities around the world, .. ” http://peacetiles.mixedmedia.us/

By Frerieke van Bree


50 bright COSAT students, 50 beautiful visions of what matters to them, lots of paint, scissors, magazines,..

Additional tools:

Heat! (oeh what a cold day and room), Anasuya and Fre for the explanations and fun, photo camera’s, …and whatever the students brought with them (from sand, to beats, to leaves, to fabric) and lots of plastic bags to keep the mess out of this examination hall.

The results?

50 very creative and diverse Peace Tiles! 50 very enlightened students! and…. a mess …haha of course

What else?

After the session we put all the Tiles together and asked the students which two tiles would represent them (=all students) best. That was such a fun exercise. It really made them feel as “being one”. Everybody was very energetic when they finally agreed on the two. After their decision we announced that those chosen two tiles will be presented at the school assembly next week. Exciting.

And now?

Next is to create a mural with the tiles, preferable somewhere in the community, to spread their inspiring messages not only here, online, but also directly to the people the students care about.

That was fun!

Please keep on posting your comments to the students here on the site. They check in  here quite often and really appreciate your words!

Peace Tiles workshop

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5 Responses so far.

  1. Nontombi Mtumtum says:

    Ana and Frer tank u so much 4 wat u hav done 4 us, u incouraged us to be true leaders and to put our views in piece tile to show 2 da world. We realy luvd u guyz a lot.”I can’t wait 4 next yr”. Keep doing wat u’r doing and u can make the world a better place with gud leaders, “U GUYZ ROCK”

  2. love to the world says:

    Thanks Nontombi! And you know what the good news is? you don’t have to wait till next school year! I’ll be back in November and thanks to Raquel and friends we’ll take you up Table mountain and to Robben island! exciting he

  3. hey this i great keep it up yol!!! nice work its very motivating and inspiring LOVE IT!!!

  4. lars says:

    so amazing to hear your voices, to see your work, read your words. keep the love and light shining – and power to the next generation of south africa’s leaders!

  5. love to the world says:

    hey Lars, thanks to your bright, social and creative ideas these leadership through Peace Tiles! You contribute to them being great leaders! thanks!