Not all gifts are found under the tree…

Posted December 28th, 2008 in afrigadget by Frerieke

…some are in the HEART. (Zintle sent me this text in a SMS on Christmas day…I just love it)


By Frerieke van Bree

How were your days?

I was happy to make a lot of people happy! All donations for the Sony Ericsson were in, …I could make the Afrigadget grassroots reporters “Mobile”. Lukho and Zintle were very excited. They now both have a wonderful phone to work with. Zintle captures her stories with the Nokia N95, Lukho uses the Sony Ericsson  C702.

I had a very nice chat with a homeless Cape Town inhabitant, Madmoet Abrahams. He was so excited to hear that the photos I took would be online and viewed by a lot of people. The story of Madmoet is published on Afrigadget …go and have a look..

Madmoet Abrahams