About Fré

always seeing the bright sideA Dutch architect who chooses to design smiles. I’ve lived in South Africa for nearly 4 years and have truly found my passions. I love connecting and empowering people!

I started my career as an architect, became a teacher/trainer (art & leadership and computer skills) to students in underprivileged areas ‘Townships’ around Cape Town, an online media lover, a people-person and a project coordinator for a Non-profit with a focus on Cultural diversity. The death of my father in April 2010 made me move back to The Netherlands. I choose to see my relocation as an adventure (even though I feared I would not find ways to live my passions in The Netherlands).

I found a great job within an International Non-Profit organization as a youth engagement coordinator and I started a part time Master (Human rights & Development at the International Institute for Social Studies). It is great to reconnect with family and friends back here in NL. It is lovely to experience the developing world from a different perspective. It is great to be studying at an International university, meaning my fellow students come from all over the world! I do miss Africa though, I miss the direct contacts with youngsters in the developing world and I do love the idea of creating possibilities to go somewhere again…life’s an adventure..

I would like people that cross my path to know their true potential, take leadership, take action, see beauty in differences and create smiles around them.

What really makes me happy is…seeing smiles, listening to stories, water (swimming, surfing), acting, dancing, watching documentaries, being surrounded by passionate people, learning from youngsters, music, exploring things, surprises, honest people, communication, teaching/training, adventures, the sun,…and many more….

The views expressed on my website are my personal views and do not represent any of my current or past employers. Unfortunately, during upgrading my website and changing software platforms, some of my links and photographs got lost..maybe I’ll work out some ways to fix them..