My love for windsurfing

Posted December 21st, 2006 in Water by Frérieke

My love for windsurfing came into existence 5 years ago. As a second year student, together with a friend it looked like great fun being on the water…and it was! We became member of the students association Plankenkoorts (check our site! I was directly asked to be member of the board of Plankenkoorts. Quite a challenge if you don’t know anything of this association yet. Learned a lot, had a lot of fun. It was maybe more after this first impressive and intensive association year that I really learned how to handle the big thing on the water. When I just started I looked at the boys at sea and thought…oh my god, that’s something still so far away. But after a year more or less -as soon as I could do the waterstart- I bought my own equipment and started with the big adventure at sea. It was very hard in the beginning, since I could hardly sail in my harness and being in the footstraps was absolutely something I never did. Furtermore had my new board only like the half of the volume that I was use to surf on, so I was sinking all the time. But my will to learn widsurfing was huge and kept me going on and even enjoying all the difficult moments. Using the harness and footstraps are like a natural thing now, my new board is even smaller (why custom board, 75 liters). The waves are still a challenge, there is so much to learn! But I got the feeling I can survive! My first jump (haha like 1.5 m!) and waveriding-moment have been there. I never thought windsurfing would become such a great part of my life. Living with 5 surfers in Amsterdam now, whenever there is wind, going to the sea, our whole house full with equipment. Every holiday is devoted to windsurfing. Last few years a month in tenerife. Denmark, tarifa, canos de meca, cadiz…a lot of nice places to surf. Maybe after finishing my studies I will go to South africa and improve my skills! See all the pictures below, from holidays, my moments of fame in the national newspaper -Volkskrant- and on the spanish TV and keep coming here to follow the adventures…

Volkskrant article

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To protect and surf!!

Posted December 5th, 2005 in Water by Frérieke

We started a few years ago with some friends from Plankenkoorts (students windsurf association) as lifeguards on the beach of Ameland. The first year Rob, Sebas and Gijs went without any knowledge about the beach, first aid or possible dangers.

They already learnt a lot from the more experienced life guards that were present, but since there was so much more to know and the second year we were with 9 people responsible for this beach-post, we decided to follow courses; rescue swimming and reanimation. This wasn’t obligated, but we wanted to take the job professional and serious as there are many people who trust their life to you while you’re working on the beach.


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