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South Africa requires Startup time

This country of large inequalities, moving between different worlds, so many cultural groups sharing this –beautiful though- place….integrating between worlds and cultures is a tough thing to accomplish…
Peter has been here now for 2 weeks. The first days he was having a hard time…living in ‘white South Africa’; being inside a car most of the times, moving from the one safe fenced area to the other, hardly seeing any black people, not to speak of communicating with them. Arriving in Cape Town, from the cold Montreal winter (with lots of snow!) straight into the warm summer, this beautiful place, but not really time to explore a lot …having to work immediately…

Thank god lot’s of great things that could give him a -South African-home-feeling-.
Seeing each other again, spending lots of time together, meeting great people and getting to see great places. A walk on the mountain, a swim in the ocean, great food, cheap wine, ultimate Frisbee on the beach, kite surf lessons in the lagoon, a visit to the orphanage in township Khayelitsha, a weekend to a beautiful dam; floating on the water on a air mattrass, interesting conversations with my black friend Ronald, meeting with the surf friends from the Netherlands, stunning sunsets..

Summer holidays for me now. 2 weeks off from the architectural office. Peter and I will do a little trip, starting tomorrow morning; driving through the karoo (semi-desert), hiking in the Drakensberg and probably back for the New Years Party in Cape Town. The weather is great here now, the summer has really started.

Last week Zuma (the leader of the Zulu-sub-group within the ANC) has been elected as the head of the ANC…different opinions between the different cultural groups here about this newly elected president of the ANC (this is the party that Nelson Mandela belonged to). Coming year is going to be an interesting one here in South Africa! Will keep you updated with some inside info every now and then…

For now….Wishing you all a lovely Christmas, New years and all those days in between…let them all be great and meaningful! X Fre (and Peter).

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Umeebee and OLPC – short

The shorter version of the earlier video posted on 02.12

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The -Future- story of Peter and Fre

Our partner-in-crime-ship continuous. Tomorrow evening…this virtual amazing man will become real for a second time. And let me tell you a little secret.. tomorrow evening Cape Town Airport is just the start of a life long doing good, explore, travel and inspire together!

The African summer is starting, Love is literaly IN THE AIR. Wish you all a great weekend!

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Yesterday was a big day in The Netherlands; Sinterklaas. Traditional celebration; me, my brother and dad around a table with all candy and presents underneath. This year we had to do it with a phone call. Shame, had to miss the traditional Sinterklaas poems. Instead, my dad told me one of his wisdoms, to share;
It doesn’t matter how many years you add to your life
what really matters is; how much life you add to your years!
jep…my dad is a wise man
enjoy every day!

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OLPC and Umeebee

This video I made shows my vision of Umeebee and the idea of combining the Umeebee-project with the One Laptop per Child project.