Posted August 3rd, 2007 in South Africa by Frérieke
Spread the word: Umeebee !
Please all begin to get your friends and family involved. Tell them to take a look at www.umeebee.com every now and then. I will make sure you will all get to know these wonderful children in Africa!
In case you haven’t seen this one yet…

i love all your reactions!
the best is still :

“I watched the video and thats unfair because I’m at work and it nearly made me cry!”
(and that for a man)

Things are going very well with Umeebee. All friends involved! I am so lucky to find all these professionals around me. And…very glad to have them enthousiastic with me. I couldn’t do without! Matt and Hes make the User Interfase Design (the structure of the site), Yannick builts the website, Tasch designs the logo/colorscheme, Jeroen, Matthijs and Carine start the foundation Umeebee in Holland. Great Great Great.

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