Posted November 27th, 2007 in South Africa by Frérieke
The story of Peter and Fre – Part one

Who is that handsome guy in her videos? Where did she pick him up? Cape Town? New York? Nope…. Online. Jep, no joke. Nooooo,…no dating site. I didn’t even want a relationship…can you imagine what kind of impact this mysterious man has on me!
One day I just popped up in his inbox. Hi I’m Frerieke, I’ve got this great idea for a website (www.umeebee.com), see that you (www.socialactions.com ) know a lot about it…what do you think?
And there we started…Peter was short in his answer….and…you know me…I want it all… The man-of-short-answers turned out to be a very interesting, intelligent and social guy….he spoke a language I could understand, I enjoyed! And it was even more the hidden parts in between the words…we had some serious email-sparks going there! Enough sparks to get the conversation going on the phone. The web cam and skype made its introduction…..almost as if you’re together. We had some fantastic conversations!….web cam…you know what the problem is? >> try looking into each others eyes….you’re either looking to your screen or into your camera. How hard we tried…our first eye-contact only came 5 weeks later….
Yes it was time to take this conversation offline! He from New York, living in Montreal, me from the Netherlands, living in Cape Town…meeting in Vancouver. Aren’t we the perfect example of a modern (travel/techie) couple…
I decided to attend a conference (before the contact with Peter became really intense) He gave up his apartment in Montreal, to attend the conference and travel around (before he knew that I was coming)

5 weeks after our first email…there I was…Vancouver. Peter with a little sign; Fre. HIHI… imagine we would not recognize each other. Of course we did. How nervous we were? I think Peter was having a hard time. I just knew it was going to be an amazing meeting, an amazing friend.…and if the sparks would be there in real life as much as online….I was sure he would be my partner in crime! This crime called life. After some coffee at the airport we headed for the beach. You know me; I love water. I do not care how cold…I always feel like jumping in…which I did. Peter was convinced…this crazy woman is great. All fresh and awake, looking into his big dark brown eyes was suddenly so real, more real then just real…it was there…the offline spark was even bigger then we could have imagined! Not only was it an amazing feeling, amazing touch, it was extremely natural, comfortable…no awkward moments, no difficulties, just joy and lots of fun and lots to tell. Day one…and it felt like I knew him for weeks. …shows also this day1 image. I look extremely tired after the long flight, but together it looks like fun!

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