Posted August 4th, 2008 in South Africa by Frérieke
Two Years and counting…

I am here in Cape Town exactly 2 years now!


First intention was: a year and then up to another continent (South America?!) . Haa and here I still am….South Africa. And what’s next? I am staying for a bit.

I have started a new and very exciting job at www.makekadesigns.com > we are making architecture that is able to compete at a world scale (check us out in China! www.ordos100.com ) and in the same time we are dealing powerfully with local issues. We are working on the Cape Town train station, a development plan for Township Khayelitsha, an ecovillage, a campsite for Table Mountain National Park. A vibrant place. I managed to arrange a work week of 4 days, to be able to do all the other fun stuff…

I started teaching (art and empowerment) in the Township, which is awesome! Visual arts, art and revolution, team work, community building, Photography…

Anasuya and I are creating more and more opportunities to work with the COSAT kids. We are so behind with all our online updates on our website www.lovetotheworld.org …but we’ll promise to make some time, so keep an eye on the site.

Together with an awesome lady in The Netherlands, we are creating a winning fundrais proposal, which will create even more opportunities for the students here, which will kick off www.umeebee.com and now for real. The Umeebee team is still alive and waking up from a winters sleep with Eline on board.

The summer is almost here again. Days are getting longer. The mountain still impressive
Our house is still lovely (so great to live with good high school friend Edith).

I have started a great, intense Leadership course, so some good personal challenges the next 6 months!

Jep…I am hanging around here a bit longer. Too many good things. I’ll only move on to another place with an excellent plan. A plan that will excite me more then what is going on for me here at the moment…for this is good, challenging and new!

Come join me here, or come visit
or…we’ll skype

(the pic: one of our favorite lunch spots, just around the corner)

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