Posted August 6th, 2008 in South Africa by Frérieke
Me in the media

A Dutch regional newspaper has published an article about me (and my activities for humanity here in South Africa) …….the interesting thing is: I don’t know anything about this! Please let me know if you do, i would love to see the article. I heard they have even included a picture…interesting!

Yesterday evening during my seminar, one of the ladies in the seminar came up to me, saying: I’ve heard you on the radio! HUH…What??? nooo that wasn’t me…but yess she said…my funny dutch accent ….and then I remembered this…a few months ago, Anasuya and I were interviewed about our activities with Love to The World. We took 2 of our students with us to the studio and the 4 of us spoke about the Leadership work we are doing in Khayelitsha, the workshops with HIV+ women… unfortunately the radio station never told us when it would be up in the air. We’ll try to get a copy of the interview!

For my Dutch speaking readers…Petra Kroon, founder of Goedgeefs (a Dutch organization that forms an intermediate between Dutch Corporations and projects in South Africa) has published another conversation of me and her on her blog, this time about the rising food prizes here in South Africa…
have a read… http://www.goedgeefs.nl/#/weblog/
Have you got any specific questions that you would like to see answered? let us know and we can discuss your topic of interest.

I love all this unexpected media attention! keep it coming!

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