Mother passed away, father a drug addict ….and Lwazi?

Posted September 27th, 2008 in Leadership Academy and tagged , , by Frerieke

this is what matters to him

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  1. Frerieke says:

    This video goes together with Lwazi’s text and photos here: http://lovetotheworld.org/archives/49

  2. Zimkhitha says:

    Hey Lwazi,I am so gald to find that you love yourself and respect yourself no matter the situation.Being a youngster in this society is not that easy especially in your case but my brother be strong and know that the Lord God still loves you.Study hard so that you can succeed in life remember “NO EXCUSES JUST SUCESS”

  3. Frerieke says:

    Zimkhita (grade 12), thanks honey, so great that you support your fellow COSAT (grade 10)learner! I love the COSAT family!

  4. lwazi says:

    Its nice to be part of LOVE TO THE WORLD FAMILY. Keep up inspiring other people i LOVVE you all.