South African Dance!

Love to the World

By Frerieke

Today, after my wonderful Free WI-FI Friday (the school is on holiday, so no teaching today), after my 2km swim, right there in the sauna of the gym…right there… I just got it….. I really got it…… >> I LOVE PEOPLE. Swimming is my meditation.. I don’t think, just become one with the water and enjoy.

The sauna……the sauna is the place where i start talking to my inner self, the place where i connect with my own mission/vision!

Today, the conversation went like this: “Fre, why do you do what you do? Why love to the world? Why transformation in Africa? Why ‘making a difference’? Are you doing it because you want to be liked? Show of how good you take care of others? Be ‘interesting’ by being different then your friends in the Netherlands? (Haha, lucky me: today the sauna was empty so I could actually say those words out loud..)

And you know what…as much as I wanted to scream: NO I don’t do this work for me….. I actually couldn’t. To be honest… yeah I am doing it for me. I choose the life I am living here in Africa. I choose to be liked, measured by the amount of care for others or ‘the difference I make in a persons life’. (yep..rather this then being liked because of my money, or being liked because I force you to like me)

So my next question to myself was: “Aha you selfish bitch, so what do you really give and how much would you give if there wasn’t anything in it for you?” That is a freaky question. Then I remembered all the great feedback on our website from our students, how much our work matters to them…. and I wondered: the students satisfaction, is that just an extra to my own fulfillment?”And then it came to me… Fre, you love people.

I believe in the goodness of man kind, even the guy attacking me. I believe in people and i believe that each voice matters! And hell yeah…I’ll spend my entire life making sure you all feel loved! And hey… it is such a great ‘extra’ that you’ll like me for it.

The COSAT students > oh yeah do I love them! Creative, eagerness to learn, care for each other and community, the stand in life they take…. To be really honest with you? Nelson Mandela will have some great competition!

The dance of life is magical…

… Talking about dancing….. Please enjoy this video that one of the students made! South African dance!

5 Responses so far.

  1. Great post, Fre! My respect for being open about what you think and feel.

    Enjoy the rest of your time with your Mother and Brother over there!

  2. love to the world says:

    almost in mozambique now, after 2 days of very inspiring connections at mobile active conference in Johannesburg…back with mom and bro, great to see them here in Africa. And yeah…I am a stand for openess, straightness and honesty! Thanks for popping in here edu!

  3. Raquel Baboolal says:

    Spoken like a true leader. That for your openness, truth, beauty and light. The kids are so lucky to have you, YOU AE THE ONE.


  4. Raquel Baboolal says:

    Spoken like a true leader. Thanks for your openness, truth, beauty and light. The kids are so lucky to have you, YOU ARE THE ONE.


  5. love to the world says:

    thanks raquel!
    you are one of my inspiring examples of true leadership!