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Posted August 24th, 2008 in Leadership Academy by Frerieke

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The Art and Leadership Academy is providing the fundamentals of leadership to previously (and in most instances, still) disadvantaged youth from across the Cape Flats. The Academy excavates the repressed and undiscovered self-love and pride in being South African in COSAT students as a vehicle of empowerment.

The students learn public speaking, debate, critical analysis, and team-building to identify social problems that are negatively impacting them in their community. Through the integration of the arts: creative writing, theater, music, photography and film, the students analyze alternative and effective ways of expressing emotions and protest while learning from the Masters.

In direct response to the resignation regarding the ongoing social problems in their community, the students then create viable and sustainable solutions through their development of community projects that they will learn how to manage. These projects will involve members of their community who will work in partnership with the students. This awakened and empowered love for their community is the driving force for them becoming the powerful and well-trained leaders of the country in a few years time, as they will have a first-hand experience of making the difference that matters.

The Arts & Leadership Academy was a big hit in it’s limited run with a select group of 11th and 12 th graders from COSAT earlier this year. Love To The World is thrilled to be providing this training and development to the entire 10th grade of COSAT High School.

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  1. Busisiwe Mashele says:

    I am one of the students who are being facilated with Arts and Leadership skills by FRERIEKE AND ANASUYA at COSAT (KHAYELITSHA) in CAPE TOWN,SOUTH AFRICA.The experiece is unbelievable…I’m out of words to describe it.

    I would to send my sincere thanks to both FRERIEKE and ANASUYA for the wonderful work that they are doing.I also want to express how grateful it was to have Rackel,a visitor from New York,coming to see us here in South Africa.We learnt a lot from her and she was greate.

    Here in South Africa we appreciate all the things that people from outside of the country do for us.It makes us feel LOVED and CARED FOR,so to all of you guys out there who care about us,we care about u too.AND WE LOVE YOU A LOT…!!!

  2. fre says:

    missy B we are so proud to have you in our class! You are a true leader and a very powerful lady. keep on shining! thanks for your wonderful words