Don’t feel sorry for me!

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By Frerieke van Bree

Nwabisa Dyonashe is a 15 year old South African girl who lives in Township Khayelitsha near Cape Town. She is a 10th grade student of COSAT (Center of science and Technology). She is one of our inspiring students of the art and leadership initiative that Anasuya and I started at the school.

What inspires me so much about these students is their willingness to learn, to make a difference, to be great. The difficulties that a lot of them have to face on a day to day base are enormous. The responsibilities those 15 year olds have to take, go way beyond what I could have imagined when i was 15. Yes my teenage years were not always the greatest, but i start appreciating all opportunities i had more an more by seeing those students here in Khayelitsha apreciate what they have got.

Enjoy this short, but very powerful text of Nwabisa, together with the pictures she took of her house and family:

By Nwabisa Dyonashe

I live with my grandmother with my brother and sister. She is a pensioner so she doesn’t have enough money for buying everything in the house. So I have committed myself to working in a salon every Saturday and Sunday to help her. I help her by buying things that are finished and buy things that are needed in school and maybe a pair of shoes for either my brother or sister. Doing this for my family really matters to me. I don’t feel like people have neglected us. I just know it’s my life and I am living it. And I don’t expect people to feel sorry for me.

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  1. hi i would love to tell how great it is to do the courses with anasua and fre the are so great i have learned alot working with them.They are so nice but the don’t like anyone how mass with them. I had a very good help full time with them and i love them so much.If it was for me i would even go back with them to americar cause that is my dream country. Throw them i will go there i hope. Their course is help full to student like us they encourage us a lot i thank them for coming to our school.

  2. Siphelele says:

    Hi Nwayi. Akukho nto indikhuthaza njengo kubona, a future african woman to be, ezimisela engazi yekeleli kwimeko akuyo.


  3. Fre says:

    Tebello…I am sure you will make your way there one day! and you know what? nobody will have to take you there…you are the one that is going to make that happen!

    Siphelele….i guess it really is time for me to do my Xhosa course! Thanks for empowering others!

  4. Athenkosi says:

    We miss you already guys!!! From 1 of the COSAT learners. Athenkosi.