A new life, a different story

Posted November 1st, 2010 in development, Personal Fre by Frérieke

I miss Africa, that’s for sure. “What do you miss most?” people often ask. My students. The youngsters. The ones that gave me my direction in life, the ones living in harsh conditions AND having lots of hope. I miss working on the media project with them, hearing their voices, getting inspired. I miss working on diversity. What I miss most is the direct contact and immediate results that could be seen in Africa.

A new life, a different story. I now work for Plan, an international non-profit organization, making a big impact worldwide, ensuring childrights. Working in an office in The Netherlands could make me forget what I am working for. Today though I watched our new international video, which created a smile on my face, goosebumps on my arms…it is a great privilegde to work on those issues on a daily base, to be able to live my passions and create a life in The Netherlands which goes way beyond what I thought it would be like..

The youngsters here in The Netherlands are inspiring too! Lots of young girls have been volunteering in the events I organized last month. I am looking forward to connecting my African young friends with my new Dutch young friends. Innovation, technology, media…still great passions of mine and great tools to facilitate the connection!

Will I go back to Africa? …who knows?

I used to live from 6 months to 6 months…afraid to loose my freedom… I didn’t want to add any kind of structure to my life…and now? I am able to deal with that fear and feel I do not have to limit myself. I have really found what I love working on and who knows living in The Netherlands for the coming 2 years might fit in with that vision?

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