Center of Science and Technology: Help me make these students famous!

By Frerieke van Bree


Because they deserve it! because we can.


starting this 2009 with:

– making a book with all their produced material in 2008 (slide shows a preview into the book)

– teaching the students more leadership skills

– teaching blogging, video editing, mobile reporting

– help the students start their own site: students4humanity and make a difference in their community

What for?

To raise money and awareness to allow those bright minds to individually thrive in life, in University, in their community and on a global scale!

Students are the voice of tomorrow. Youngsters are the spring of the nation! kids are the leaders of the next generation!

The COSAT learners are the most amazing and inspiring individuals I met in my life! I have learned a lot about myself via them, and still do.
Youth empowerment in the Townships of South Africa is needed. Poverty is a daily issue. Role models are needed! Guest teachers wanted!
Connections wanted! Resources welcome! Donations lovely!

Those students want to learn, they want to make a difference, they want to lead by serving others, they want to set the example in the new South Africa, be part of transformation in Africa! All they need is opportunities and Eye-openers to see the opportunities. Those students are the change you want to see in the world!

The work the students have done in the ‘art and leadership’ classes in 2008 is amazing: photographs, artworks and essays to show you what matters to them. Those 15 year old individuals have each found their mission in life. Let them inspire you to stay true to your own mission! Help me get this book published! Help me get their site online! Help me get the message out there, really…help me get those students and this school (the only school in South Africa with IT as a matric subject, with such an amazing free education!) be famous! Be creative in your cooperation!

help me with this list:

– a publish house for the 200 pages visual book
– a WordPress MU guru, willing to set up the students4humanity with buddypress and mobilepress applications
– designers (for the book, the site, marketing material)
– user-interface designer (for the site)
– prepaid cards (to let the students be online on their mobile phone)
– Mobile phones
– IT teachers (anybody into mobile applications? those students do not have computers at home!)
– role models (black intellectuals… we want your motivational talk!)
– a fast internet connection at the school
– bloggers/online media guru’s/marketing consultants we want some courses!
– a schoolbus and a driver!

Ok, I can keep on going. Dream big is what one of the South African bloggers and online professionals, Darren Smith, told me to do.
Hey all you South African bloggers, online professionals, companies, intellectuals, connected ones, tech-savvy people…make sure the next Wordcamp SA is one with lots of color, representative for your country. Make sure the whole South African population is on top of the innovation, online applications, mobile technology. Make sure there will not be another heated discussion about the color of the South African blogger. Invest in the future! Be the change you want to see in the world!

Hey you international community, all you clever entrepreneurs, policy makers,  …the world is your playground. Make sure everybody is having fun! That includes the ones that are not part of your conversation, innovation, partnerships,..at the moment. Be bold. 2009 is waiting for you..

5 Responses so far.

  1. Andre says:


    Sounds like 2009 is going to be a very busy filled with loads of things! First of all thanks all the in videos and information you are publishing. I am especially exciting about seeing some more Afrigadget postings.

    In your post above you ask for tech savvy people… well I am one of those and I was wondering how you are getting along with all of the things on the list which ones are your focus at the moment. Yes the need is so big I suppose one can go on and on. How did you initially get involved with COSAT?

    More about myself I am native Capetotian currently in the UK – like so many. In last year I started a little website to promote sponsorships for kids in Khayamandi in conjunction with an organization working there. So far so good – just over 50 kids sponsored!

    so yes get in touch then we can talk.

    stay well!


  2. Andre says:

    oops I meant Capetonian… ie. being from Cape Town

  3. Fre says:

    Hey Andre
    Thanks for your comment! Email is send! let’s chat

  4. yara says:

    hey everyone. I`m a cosat student in k\litsha doing grade 11. If you have not been at cosat maybe you should try to take a visit and see what we are made of…

  5. Fre says:

    hey Yara! Great, invite them all! So great to work on the http://studentsforhumanity.com project with you! See you on Saturday!